Romania will seek EU funds to improve conditions on the Danube

Луциан Боде

Romania will seek EU funds to improve navigation on the Danube, was the headline during the meeting of participants in the project Danube Skills with the chairman of the transport committee in the Romanian Parliament Lucian Bode. Answering question of Transportal for all-year use of the river for navigation Bode explained that last week he had a meeting with the administration of the Lower Danube, where were identified specific measures. „Indeed, there are sections that stop shipping in the summer because of drought and winter because of icing. Solving the problems of these sections is a matter of time and money, „explained the head of the transport committee.

The start of the project Danube Skills was officially given in Bucharest, where representatives of 21 organizations participated in the first official meeting of the project, which will cost nearly 2 mln. Euros. His goal is after 26 months of having an organization for training of personnel who will carry out activities in navigable river, thus to contribute to security of navigation on the river. Participants from the Bulgarian side are the Maritime Administration and Forum for Balkan transport and infrastructure.

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