International Railway Forum & Conference (IRFC 2020)

The 7th international IRFC 2020 (International Rail Forum & Conference) will be held from 1-3 April 2020 in Prague, under the slogan “Let´s build a new generation of railways together”.

IRFC 2020 is one of the leading events in the international railway calendar and will bring together top executives and decision makers, rail and logistics professionals, customers, influential politicians and institutions from across Europe. 

The main topics of this upcoming conference are associated with the impending changes in the area of legislation, research and technology, which are decisive for the railway’s future with focus on all railway areas, and are following:

1. Transport in the EU after 2021
2. ERA as European Authority
3. Research and Innovation after 2021 – Motivation for Countries from Central and Eastern Europe
4. Perspective of TEN-T and „Silk Road“ Interconnection
5. Future High Speed Rail Network within the CEE

The patronage of the IRFC 2020 Conference has been taken over by significant European institutions and organizations e.g. UNIFE, ERA, CER, Shift2Rail, UIC and OSJD.

The conference organizers highly appreciate the cooperation with RASTIA within the IRFC 2020!

Online registration for the conference participants is available at

All conditions for potential sponsors, who would like to make their company more visible to the world, and other up to date information can be found at

In case of any questions about the IRFC 2020 Conference, please do not hesitate to contact the organizing team at members of the organizing team look forward to hearing from you soon.

Do not miss this extraordinary railway event in 2020 in the Czech Republic and meet the experts from the railway world in the heart of Europe.

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