Let’s build a new generation of railways together – the conference IRFC 2020 is coming soon

On April 1 – 3, 2020, the International Railway Forum and Conference IRFC 2020 will be held in Prague, Czech Republic for the seventh time. This year under the slogan „Let’s build a new generation of railways together“.

We expect a considerable participation of the highest representatives of major carriers, infrastructure managers and railway undertakings, suppliers of the railway systems, customers and forwarding companies, who have decided to keep pace with rapid developments in the transport market.

The opening ceremony will be kicked off by the conference organiser, the OLTIS Group Company, by the vice-chair of the European Parliament Mrs Dita Charanzova, European institutions representatives, and representatives of the Czech Chamber of Deputies as well as those of the Czech government.

The technical programme is divided into six sessions according to the following subjects:

The session “Transport in the EU after 2021” moderated by CER executive director, Libor Lochman, will cover fulfilment of the 4th railway package, liberalisation of European railways, and visions and challenges for the European railway sector until 2030.

The most significant change in railway interoperability and safety, the transformation of ERA into a European system authority will be covered by session 2 “ERA as a European Authority” moderated by the executive director of ERA, Josef Doppelbauer.

“Research and Innovation after 2021 – Motivation for CEE Countries” led by Carlo Borghini, the executive director of the Shift2Rail will deal with research and innovation in railway from points of view of international organisations and EU member states.

Session “Future High Speed Rail Network within the CEE” is aimed at the development of HS rail in the Eastern part of Europe, and its inclusion into TEN-T as well as on comparison of individual HS rail concepts across Europe and the world.

TEN-T coordinator, Matthieu Grosch will concentrate on the idea of connecting the European TEN-T network with the initiative known as “New Silk Road” in session 5. Speakers will introduce different fields where these connections should emerge in order to ensure the continuous flow of goods from the East to the West, from Asia to Europe.

The TAF/TAP TSI forum and its moderator Yann Seimandi, CER Senior Adviser on ERA related issues and Interoperability will center particularly on implementation of both TSIs in challenging areas, which means small and medium-sized railway undertakings.

Don’t miss this extraordinary railway event in 2020 and meet the Euro-Asian rail freight world in the heart of Europe.


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